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Better Choices, Better Health® - New Jersey


The NJ Department of Human Services (DHS) partnered with four Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to offer this on-line program, known as Better Choices, Better Health®, to help people manage the day to day challenges of living with a chronic disease. We hope individuals with Medicaid coverage who cannot attend in-person classes will use this opportunity for education and support.


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Keep the following phone numbers handy for non emergency calls:


Vineland Electric Utility-power outages- 794-4280 (hearing –impaired 794-4194)


Vineland Water Department-794-4056


Landis Sewerage Department 691-2324


South Jersey Gas Company-leaks only-800-582-7060 (Hearing-impaired 800-547-9085)




Fire-non-emergency- 691-2480


Vineland Office of Emergency Management 691-4540 (when activated)


Complete Special Needs Registry information by calling 2-1-1



Listen Live to our radio station.