Environmental Health Classes:


Upcoming Food Safety Training Classes for 2015 (Not a nationally recognized course).

English and Spanish Classes [please print and mail or return back to the health department.]


Risk 2 Establishments Warning Letter for those whose training requirements haven't been met.



Tobacco Age of Sale Youth Volunteer Training Classes:

Please call 856-794-4000 *4254 to make an appointment.


Older Adult Programs:


FREE Walking Program begins October 27, 2014 at D'Ippolito Elementary School located at 1578 N. Valley Avenue, Vineland NJ.


Our PaceSetter walking program is for adults 18 and older held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday when school is open from 6 - 7 p.m.


Registration takes a few minutes to complete and your off to strart walking your way to better health. An additional note: Hallways are wide enough for person’s with disabilities to be able to walk with their canes, walkers, wheel chairs or any other assistance devices if they’d like to walk as well.


Walk at your own pace for as long or short as you’d like. Come out with a friend or two and walk your way to better health, one step at a time.


You do not need to be a Vineland resident to participate. All are welcome!


For more information please contact: 856-794-4000 Ext. 4709.